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Burglar Alarm / Security System Installation from
  • Alarm Components - What are the different components that make up a Security System, from sensors to keypads to the main panel..
  • Alarm Planning - Some options with examples on choosing how to make use of the available "zones" in your alarm panel.
  • Tamper Proof Wiring - Understanding the different methods that can be used to bypass an alarm will help you understand some of the wiring conventions used in alarm systems.
  • Alarm Wiring - How do wire the different types of powered and non-powered using Normally Open / Normally Closed circuits with and without End of Line Resistors.
  • Sample DSC Alarm - Pictures and Wiring Plans for every necessary component to wire a DSC Power 864 Security System.
  • Programming the Alarm - How to setup the zones, activation codes, and other considerations after your alarm system is wired and ready.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order Butterworth crossover tables using only E24 components.
  • NHT1259 - Home Audio Projects using this 12" woofer from NHT.
  • Home Projects - Other Speaker and Electronics Home Projects.
  • Car Project - Car Audio Projects.

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