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Metric / Standard Conversions

Enter a Value to Convert below

Length Conversion
Millimeter: mm
Centimeter: cm
Meter: m
Kilometer: km
Inch: in
Foot: ft
Yard: yd
Mile: mi
Volume Conversion
Cubic Millimeters: mm3
Cubic Centimeters: cm3
Cubic Meters: m3
Cubic Inches: in3
Cubic Feet: ft3
Cubic Yards: yd3
Milliliters: mL
Liters: L
Common Metric to Standard Conversions
Metric to Standard Multiply Metric Unit by:
mm to inch 0.03937
cm to inch 0.3937
meter to foot 3.2808
square cm to square inches 0.155
square meters to square ft 10.763
cubic meters to cubic ft 35.314
liters to cubic ft 0.0353
Common Standard to Metric Conversions
Standard to Metric Multiply Standard Unit by:
inch to mm 25.4
inch to cm 2.54
foot to meter 0.3048
square inches to square cm 6.4516
square ft to square meters 0.0929
cubic ft to cubic meters 0.02831
cubic ft to liters 28.32