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Sealed or Ported Enclosure Calculator Help

Use the Sealed vs. Ported Calculator.

This simple calculator will tell you if your driver is better suited for a sealed or a ported speaker box enclosure. This is the formula that is used:

Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) = Free Air Resonance (Fs) / Driver Electrical "Q" (Qes)

The Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) is used to determine the best type of enclosure for your driver as shown below:

less than 50Sealed
50 to 90Either
more than 90Ported

This calculator is a rough approximation. A EBP of 91 doesn't mean you cannot used a Sealed Enclosure. Some people feel that an EBP of 50-100 (not 90) will work for either type of enclosure.

As always, review the manufacturer recommendations first since they know best. Also don't ignore common sense. If a ported enclosure calls for a port that is longer than the box itself, then the ported enclosure will not work.