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How to connect BluRay To TV Using HDMI With Digital Optical From TV To Receiver Wires

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Wiring Instructions:
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the BluRay connector labeled HDMI, Output, Monitor or TV and the other end to any Input HDMI connector on the TV.
  • Connect one end of the TOS Link Digital Optical cable to the TV connector labeled TOS Link or Optical Output and the other end to an Optical Input on the Receiver.
  • To watch a BluRay, turn on the BluRay Player and put in the BluRay Disc. Select the Input on the TV that corresponds to the label next to where you connected the HDMI cable from the BluRay player.
  • To listen to the BluRay through the Receiver Speakers, turn on the Receiver and select the Input on the Receiver that corresponds to the label next to where you connected the Digital Optical cable from the TV

Note: These instructions do not include any additional customizations you may have made.

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No TV No Receiver No TV Source No CD No Computer
TV A/V Receiver Cable Box CD Player Computer
Input Selector Satellite SACD Player
No VCR No DVD Player No DVD Recorder No Game System No Record Player
VCR DVD Player DVD Recorder Game System Record Player
VCR/DVD Combo BluRay Player TiVo / DVR

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Types of Wires
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